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Red & Green

Walking through a shopping center in Rochester Hills I saw  this tree against a false front for a store remodel. The color contrast spoke to me.

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Welcome to Michigan

After 7 hours in 2 big aluminum tubes and a long drive we are back where we started to visit with family & friends. We had dinner near by our hotel and were greeted by the sunset above. My other first impression is that it’s soooo greeeeen. As a Californian used to “golden” hills, it’s hard to believe the abundance of green.

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Rush Creek reflection

Around the June lake loop lies Silver Lake and Rush Creek that feeds it. We were looking for reflections and this jumped out at us after 2 hours of tramping around. The color was close to being “peak” but not quite there. I was particularly happy with the way the sunbeams came out.

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Eastern Sierras trip

As a last hurrah before my knee surgery, my son and I camped for 4 days at June Lake in the eastern Sierras. Our object was fall color as the Eastern Sierra has the most of what passes for Fall Color in California. As I turned out, most of our favorite images were of other things. Continue reading